Be Brave Nation


Be Brave engage students of all ages with our high energy and positive approach to bullying prevention.

With appearances from world famous dancers and local celebrities, students are lead through a journey of self-love and empowerment. Be Brave incorporates music, dance and motivational speakers sharing their stories of hope. Students are inspired to be an “UPstander” rather than a bystander.  702-458-7009 

Be Brave stands as Las Vegas’ newest offering aimed squarely at our community’s most vulnerable population: children. By empowering students to make positive choices while seeking to combat the childhood bullying crisis, this program has found a wellspring of support amongst our community. This self-esteem boosting initiative is also unique in that it’s not a one and done presentation. Oh, and did we mention it is FREE?! :)

Be Brave continually engages students throughout the year and facilitates partnerships with administrators, teachers, counselors and parents. This program kick-starts conversations, notifying children what programs are available to assist them with challenges they face at home and at school. Be Brave isn’t just an assembly, it is a youth lead initiative! That’s why it works. Children are empowered to lead their own anti-bullying initiatives on campus. When our children feel valued and respected that is where true change begins.

Today’s childhood bullying statistics demonstrates why the Be Brave program is so imperative, letting youth know that they have the power to seek help for issues that may cause them to run away, fall victim to a predator or harm themselves. Children regain their purpose and self worth while participating in motivational assemblies and on campus activities.

As stated the Be Brave program is making a tremendous impact on our community’s youth. In fact, our Be Brave campaign survey revealed that 98 percent of students exhibited an increase in knowledge following our presentations, and 100 percent of faculty members rated the program as a valuable educational tool.

I’m so excited to be part of this innovative program that continues to impact student lives throughout the year. In the beginning I was nervous to present to high schoolers because I thought they wouldn’t care about these types of presentations. Immediately after my first assembly students came up to me thanking me for giving them a voice. It all started with a vision – stopping bullying and inspiring people to be united. – Heather Doto


We are proud to report that 100 percent of staff surveys returned this year deemed our programs useful, and 100 percent of schools reported that they would recommend Be Brave to other campuses. Here is a smattering of their feedback:


“I really liked how they engaged the students through music and dance and allowing students onstage to demonstrate what it looks like to Be Brave.”-Patricia Reynoso, Counselor, Pine Crest Academy, St. Rose Campus

“The organizers were amazingly easy to work with,” Lisa Cunningham, Counselor, Pine Crest Academy, St. Rose Campus

Do you think these types of presentations are important to your children? If so, why?

“Our children need to develop in a culture that promotes kindness, respect and being an UPstander. The message has to come from the school, but children also need to hear it from their parents and community. The Be Brave Assembly not only provides an opportunity for our students to be reminded of the message, but to recognize that the broader community supports kindness, respect, and being UPstanders.” –Sean Davis, Principal of Saville Middle School

Do you think the students were inspired to help others? If so, why? 

“I believe the assembly did inspire students to stand up for themselves and others.  I went into the classrooms the next week after the assemblies, and the students were still pumped about it and giving me examples of how they helped others.”  –Robin Roth, Counselor, Doral Academy

Do you think these types of presentations are important to your children? If so, why?

These types of presentations are important to give the students strategies on how to stand up and Be Brave.  Many do not know how or feel they have permission to do so. –Robin Roth, Counselor, Doral Academy

Was the program useful? If so, how was the program useful?

“I think the presenters did a great job connecting with all the different grade levels and earned their trust right away,” – Stephanie Mailloux , Student Success Coordinator, Doral Academy

What part of the presentation was most useful?

“Reaffirming that every child is special and needs to speak up.”

“Her explanation of what bullying is and is not.”


Is it important to treat others with kindness? If so, why?

“So we can make the world a happier and safer place.”

Do you believe you can make a difference in someone’s life? If so, why?

“I can help prevent someone from killing themselves.”

Do you feel inspired to help others? If so, why?

“Maybe I can change someone’s life.”