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Every year, the U.S. Department of Justice sponsors a national poster contest and announces the winner at the Annual Missing Children’s Day Ceremony in Washington, DC.The purpose of the contest is to demonstrate America’s united effort to bring our missing children home safely, while emphasizing the importance of abduction prevention education programs.

The poster contest also provides teachers the tools to educate children and parents about safety and initiate conversations regarding prevention. Student involvement in the poster contest promotes peer education, while compelling students to explore the significance of the theme “Bring Our Missing Children Home”.

2015 Nevada Poster Contest Winner

“My poster shows missing children drifting in a stormy gray sky. They are sad and there tears are like raindrops. When they bring our missing children home. The sun comes out the sky is blue, there is a rainbow and the flowers bloom. Now the children are happy because they are standing in a garden in a garden surrounded by love at home.”

- Brianna from Las Vegas, NV













2014 Nevada Poster Contest Winner - Jake from Summerlin, NV













2013 Nevada Poster Contest Winner

Description of poster:

My poster depicts bravery, justice, and hope.  The Lady Liberty represents justice and shines her torch to direct the Bald Eagle.  The eagle with yellow glow of strength represents our brave law enforcement force.  It puts the outlaws in jail at the dark corner.  The outlaws’ red eyes represent their heartlessness to harm the children and their colorless faces represents they could be anyone.  The smiling US map with the flag represents our country with hope.  The children embraced by hope are in their pajamas because they feel safe.  The blue waves around the map represent our influence in the world.


I am the only child for my mom and the second child for my dad.  We live in a safe neighborhood.  My dad sometimes lets me bike outside alone before dinner.  But when I play in the park, my mom hovers over me like a hawk.  After we learn about child abduction, my mom told my dad that I have to be supervised whenever I play outside.  I want to do so many things when I grow up.  I want to be an artist and a quantum physicist.  I also want to study human health and nanotechnology.

Craig H.

Frank Lamping ES

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