2014 Poster Contest

Every year, the U.S. Department of Justice sponsors a national poster contest and announces the winner at the Annual Missing Children’s Day Ceremony in Washington, DC.The purpose of the contest is to demonstrate America’s united effort to bring our missing children home safely, while emphasizing the importance of abduction prevention education programs.

The poster contest also provides teachers the tools to educate children and parents about safety and initiate conversations regarding prevention. Student involvement in the poster contest promotes peer education, while compelling students to explore the significance of the theme “Bring Our Missing Children Home”.

The national winner receives a trip to Washington DC for the National Missing Children’s Day ceremony, an award, and a U.S. Savings Bond!

The state winner will win a visit to City Hall to meet the Mayor of Las Vegas and will have their artwork placed on the Nevada Child Seekers website and handouts for 2014.

Nevada deadline for submissions will be Friday, MARCH 7TH at 5:00 p.m at our new address: 3230 East Charleston Blvd Suite 118 Las Vegas, NV. 89104

  • Posters must be submitted to the state level contest coordinator for local judging; those posters mailed directly to the National level will not be accepted.
  • ONE winning entry from each state will be sent to the Department of Justice for the national judging and selection process.
  • The national winner will travel to Washington, DC to receive an award and participate in the Missing Children’s Day Ceremony.
  • The theme for the poster contest is “Bring Our Missing Children” Home.
  • Only fifth grade students are eligible to participate in the contest.
  • FACT SHEET FOR EDUCATORS! Poster Contest Introduction Letter
Important Dates:
  • March 7th, 2014- All posters must be submitted to Nevada Child Seekers by 5:00 pm on this day
  • April 2013 -the National winner will be selected and notified
  • May 2013- The National Missing Children’s Day ceremony will take place on or around this date

2013 Poster Contest Winners

Description of poster:

My poster depicts bravery, justice, and hope.  The Lady Liberty represents justice and shines her torch to direct the Bald Eagle.  The eagle with yellow glow of strength represents our brave law enforcement force.  It puts the outlaws in jail at the dark corner.  The outlaws’ red eyes represent their heartlessness to harm the children and their colorless faces represents they could be anyone.  The smiling US map with the flag represents our country with hope.  The children embraced by hope are in their pajamas because they feel safe.  The blue waves around the map represent our influence in the world.


I am the only child for my mom and the second child for my dad.  We live in a safe neighborhood.  My dad sometimes lets me bike outside alone before dinner.  But when I play in the park, my mom hovers over me like a hawk.  After we learn about child abduction, my mom told my dad that I have to be supervised whenever I play outside.  I want to do so many things when I grow up.  I want to be an artist and a quantum physicist.  I also want to study human health and nanotechnology.

Craig H.

Frank Lamping ES

Nevada’s 2nd Place Winner

Description of poster:

The reason I chose this theme, I feel like we all need to come together and bring our missing children home.  And since we are the home of the brave I added an alien spaceship and figured don’t be scared of the aliens and just let them help too so let’s all come together and bring our missing children home.  Thank you.


Well I love to draw as you see and I love math, art, reading and school.  My favorite color is purple.  And I love my teachers.  I love to sing a lot.  I was in a singing contest and I was 1st place.  And I love to dance it’s so exciting when I sing I just feel like I can do anything.  I always sing to my family.  I got a karaoke machine for Christmas and my favorite singer is Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson and most of all Justin Bieber.  I love him.  He love the color purple too.  One more subject I like is social studies.  Well I will finish with thank you for learning about me.

Shadae M.

Dooley ES

Nevada’s 3rd Place Winner

Description of poster:

My poster includes the American Flag and instead of stars, there’s broken hearts.  This symbolizes the parents of missing children’s hearts.  There’s a very creative heart to show the hearts of the parents that did find their kids.    The drawing of the mother and daughter holding hands shows the bond between a child and her mother.  I also included the words “You Belong Home” because the missing children belong home with their loving families.


My name is Jesse Williamson.  I am very creative, and have endured a lot throughout my lifetime.  I have found music, art, sports, and creativity in my struggles, and hard times. My parents got divorced when I was about three years old. Through all that drama, I wrote many songs and I drew numerous drawings to express my feelings.  The past year has been the most dramatic.  I’ve been moving around a lot.  But in every state I lived in, I found something I love, or something that inspired me.

Jesse  Williamson

Virgin Valley ES

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