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  • Assisting law enforcement and parents in the search for missing abducted and runaway children
  • Training and coordination of Volunteer Search Force to aid and assist in the search for missing children
  • 24 hour emergency hotline for parents of missing children, sightings and for troubled youth and runaways
  • Crisis Counseling referral services for parents, children and runaways
  • Support Group for families of missing children
  • Computer link-up to domestic and international missing children search
  • Production and dissemination of flyers of missing children
  • Production and airing of public service announcements on local media
  • Airing of missing children’s photos on local media and nationally if necessary
  • Free fingerprinting and identification kits of children for parents
  • Post Certified Training Seminars

Nevada Child Seekers coordinates information between the public (parents), law enforcement agencies, public and child safety agencies and media during times of personal crisis. When local law enforcement refers a parent to us, we take on the role of liaison to all concerned. Using current information and a recent photo, we create a flyer on our Critical Reach System (a dedicated computer system connected nationally to thousands of other Critical Reach participants and fax machines) and send it to law enforcement, government agencies and private businesses. We give copies to the parent to distribute in neighborhoods in the community. Nevada Child Seekers serves as a link between tipsters, police, other non-profits and families. We follow up on cases and maintain our relationships with all involved.

Messages for the Missing

If you have a missing child and would like to send them a message, please contact Nevada Child Seekers to set up an appointment. 702-458-7009. Please click here to view messages that have been made for some of the missing kids.


When a child or an adult with diminished capacity is missing in Nevada and the circumstances are deemed by local law enforcement agencies to warrant a ground search, the Emergency Volunteer Search Force is activated. Volunteers are contacted, briefed and sent into the assigned areas under the guidance of Nevada Child Seekers staff and police. Volunteers utilize their experience and training to search for and locate the missing or abducted person. The partnerships and flexibility of the Emergency Volunteer Search Force allows for a timely and effective search over vast areas. Training takes place once or twice a year with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s missing Persons Division.


Nevada Child Seekers offers Personal information Packets, brochures and fingerprinting services to the community through health fairs, child safety events and back-to-school expos at area malls and local stores at no cost to the public. Nevada Child Seekers attends approximately 30 events each year. (Personal information is never collected in a database). Contact our offices if you are interested in a FREE Fingerprint ID Kit!


As part of its mission, Nevada Child Seekers maintains a proactive stance to mitigate the causes of missing children through education in the community. We partner with the Clark County School District to have our Shout Out Loud program taught by licensed teachers in kindergarten through 2nd grades. The program targets the very young child who, studies suggest, are most vulnerable to abduction and abuse. At a minimum, this program opens the door to conversation between parents and children about awareness, special code words, buddy systems, and the right of a child to say “no.”


“Shout Out Loud” is an abduction prevention education program designed by law enforcement, educators and Nevada Child Seekers staff for students in K-2nd grade. Tobie the bear helps younger children learn the rules of safety. NCS staff, CCSD Safe & Drug-Free Schools staff and law enforcement train school counselors and educators so they can deliver the program. Several students in Clark County were able to use the skills they learned through the program to thwart attempted abductions. More than 90 schools in Clark County have trained facilitators to deliver the program. To learn more e-mail or call Southern Nevada (702) 458-7009, Washoe County (775) 856-6200.


Introduced spring 2007, radKids Personal Empowerment Program is for students in grades K-6. As we have seen in our community and around the country the very young children are not the only targets that are preyed upon by abductors and pedophiles. radKids allows us to reach older children with personal safety at an appropriate age level which incorporates real life situations. It teaches them how to use these skills in every day situations in their lives. Upon completion each child will receive a certificate of completion, wristband, and a certificate that allows them to attend any radKIDS class in the country for review at no cost to the parent. Parents receive a family manual so they can follow their child’s progress. Nevada Child Seekers and it’s instructors have graduated over 5,200 children from this program since 2007. Clark County currently has 18 nationally certifies instructors; all of the Nevada Child Seekers staff are among those certified. For more information concerning the program, please email Carole at or call (702) 458-7009.


In partnership with the Las Vegas Regional Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce and most recently with the Project Safe Childhood Team made up of diverse law enforcement agencies within our community, Nevada Child Seekers has been successful in implementing this Internet Safety program for students, parents and school administrators.

Facilitators are trained by the Las Vegas Regional Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce and Nevada Child Seekers to provide the program developed by law enforcement and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. This partnership allows us to train volunteers, educators and community based programs for children such as the Clark County Parks & Recreation staff to implement the program. . Preventing exploitation and abduction as well teaching how to report are the ultimate goals. To learn more, e-mail or call (702) 458-7009.


Nevada Child Seekers offers the community a resource library with books, brochures and tips on various subjects. Our goal is to provide individuals with information on raising and parenting children, keeping children safe from abduction, exploitation and abuse, and referrals to other non-profits for specific services. We want our families to find whatever help they need right here at Nevada Child Seekers.


Nevada Child Seekers makes ID cards for children. Although not government-issued, the cards can be used for identification purposes.


Families of missing persons often need more than the help that law-enforcement, a private investigator or attorney can give. That is why we organized a support group so that families can interact with each other to gain support and comfort and learn from each other. Please call for more information (702) 458-7009.