If Your Child is Missing

If Your Child Is Missing

  • If your child is missing from home, search the house making sure s/he is not asleep or hiding in or around the house. Check cupboards, closets, vehicles, behind bushes and with neighbors.
  • If you still cannot find your child,immediately call your local law-enforcement agency. In Nevada call 911. There is no waiting period.
  • If your child disappears in a store, immediately notify the store manager or security office and immediately call your local law enforcement agency. Many stores have a plan of action if a child is missing in the store, employees immediately mobilize to look for the missing child.
  • When you call law enforcement, provide your child’s name, date of birth, height, weight and any other unique identifiers such as eyeglasses and braces. Tell them when you noticed your child was missing and what clothing he or she was wearing.
  • Request that your child’s name and identifying information be immediately entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Missing Person File.
  • Find the best, most recent photo of your child and make several copies.
  • After you have reported your child missing to law enforcement, call Nevada Child Seekers at (702) 458-7009.
  • Involve family and friends in the search. You need to stay in one place so that police, searchers, your child or anyone else with information can easily contact you. If you are not at home make sure someone is available at your home to receive phone calls or forward your home phone number to your cell phone. Keep your cell phone on and charged at all times.

Other Important Tips

  • Start a notebook where all information can be written down and accessed.
  • Check the last known location of your child and ask questions of anyone there.
  • Search your child’s room for names of friends or acquaintances and their phone numbers or e-mail addresses.
  • Talk to playmates/friends/relatives anyone that may have a relationship with your child or recently spoke to your child.
  • Contact your child’s school and inform them of the situation.
  • Retrace known walking and/or biking routes.
  • Get caller ID on your home phone.
  • If your child has a cell phone, do not disconnect.
  • Make an appointment with the child’s school counselor and/or vice principal to discuss attendance, behavior, friends, options, etc.
  • Call your child’s friends/acquaintances again. Speak to them and their parents (it is a crime to harbor a child and you could press charges)
  • Distribute flyers where you know your child may be or hangs out.
  • Stay in touch with Nevada Child Seekers caseworkers and your detective.
  • Consider contacting the following organizations:
  • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (800) 843-5678
  • National Runaway Hotline (800) 621-4000
  • Ask for help from friends, neighbors, family, church, school, work and support groups.
    Remember to set up counseling, therapy or other programs when your child returns.