Executive Director

Margarita Edwards has been a voice for under served youth since she was a senior in high school. Raised by a single mother who instilled the core value of service to others this is her life's calling. Since 2010, Margarita has worked on public safety, child abduction prevention and crime prevention in Nevada. Her passion for saving children from abduction and exploitation has led the agency to save and empower more children than ever before.


Dave Clark

Program Manager

Heather Doto began her journey with Nevada Child Seekers as a member of our youth council in 2014. Now she coordinates our education programs in schools and communities. Educating students on internet safety, physical safety, abduction prevention and bullying prevention is key to empowering our youth to have a voice. She is also a graphic designer, content creator and artist.

Case Manager

Judy Hernandez has over a decade of non-profit experience and exudes passion to helping find missing & exploited children. Additionally she works directly with law enforcement, private investigator services and national partners to help families of missing children. She also assists in training volunteer search force groups, hosts parenting workshops and advocates for families of missing children.

Small But Mighty

Nevada Child Seekers' staff is comprised of passionate professionals who work tirelessly to help find missing & exploited children in Nevada and other states. There are so many families that turn to our agency and our team steps in immediately to help. From activating the state wide alerts to physically placing missing child flyers in neighborhoods. They live and breath the mission everyday and can be counted on to never stop searching until the child is found.

The team also works in the field of abduction prevention as many of the missing child cases occurs when a child is lured by a predator or simply feels there is no else to turn but the streets. We host over 140 school wide assemblies a year reaching over 30,000 young people! Our agency also travels to Utah, Texas, California and Arizona to present our youth empowerment programs. The topics include internet safety, bullying prevention, substance abuse awareness, real life safety and physical self defense for kids & teens.



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