Nevada Child Seekers
Emergency Volunteer Search Force Program (EVSF) (Southern Nevada)

When a child or adult (with diminished capacity) is missing in Nevada and the circumstances are deemed by local law enforcement agencies to warrant a ground search, the Emergency Volunteer Search Force is activated. Responding to the police call, they are briefed and sent into the assigned areas under the guidance of police and Nevada Child Seekers.  Volunteers utilize their experience and training to search for and locate the missing or abducted person.  The partnership and flexibility of the EVSF allows for a timely and effective search over vast areas.  This volunteer search force is activated 3-4 times per year and is trained one to two times annually by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Crimes Against Youth and Family Unit. Nevada Child Seekers maintains the only regularly trained Emergency Volunteer Search Force in Nevada.

Emergency Volunteer Search Force (EVSF): The Emergency Volunteer Search Force responds to police calls in order to assist in locating missing children. EVSF volunteers are briefed and sent into the assigned areas under the guidance of the police and Nevada Child Seekers. The EVSF, now consisting of more than 175 trained volunteers, is a trusted and indispensable partner to police departments throughout the State.

Youth Programs

We are the only non-profit in Nevada dedicated to finding missing children, and we are routinely the ONLY organization delivering messages of how children can protect themselves in our schools.

Our team of volunteers address topics from internet safety, abduction prevention, physical safety, self defense and bullying prevention.

Youth empowerment is key to helping our children stay safe in an ever changing world. Child predators use different tactics and that is why the programs reaching our children need to give them clear red flags and ways to report abuse in our diverse blend of education programs.

Audience members routinely approach staff after our workshops and assemblies, saying how our words of hope, empathy and resilience resonated with them during a trying time in their lives.