The Nevada Child Seekers mission is to advocate for and engage in prevention, identification and location efforts on behalf of missing and exploited children. 

Our Story

"Missing" "Taken" "Abduction" " Runaway"

Words that strike fear into parents. Words that send Nevada Child Seekers into action!

Over 8,000 children are reported missing each year in Nevada, and approximately 200 are considered endangered or abducted, according the the Nevada's Missing Children Clearinghouse. Nevada Child Seekers was created in 1985 in response to these alarming statistics to address the plight of missing children in our communities.

As we experience rapid growth in population, so does the need to provide additional help and support to families and law enforcement for the location and reunification of our missing children. Over the years services have expanded to include safety education programs, counseling referrals, support groups and active participation with the Nevada Amber Alert Committee.

Meet the Team

Margarita Edwards

Executive Director

Since 2010, Margarita has worked on public safety, child abduction prevention and crime prevention in Nevada. Her passion for saving children from abduction and exploitation has led the agency to save and empower more children than ever before.

Heather Doto

Education Specialist 

Heather began her journey with Nevada Child Seekers as a member of our youth council in 2014. Now she coordinates our education programs in schools and communities. Educating students on internet safety, physical safety, abduction prevention and bullying prevention is key to empowering our youth to have a voice.

Judy Hernandez

Case Manager

Her passion to help find missing children is witnessed day in and day out as she assists local families. Judy also assists in training volunteer search force groups and advocating for families of missing children.

Next Steps...

How can three people do so much? Because of amazing volunteers like you! Call us to learn more....